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  • Quality Curriculum 

    Our rigorous curriculum prepares students to be global leaders equipped with 21st century skills: critical thinking and analysis, creativity, collaboration, communication and problem solving. We offer an American curriculum for students from age 2 through 19. Students graduating from The Barstow School of Ghana will receive a U.S. Diploma, AP, Pre-SAT and SAT certificates, recognized globally for undergraduate entrance into universities and colleges.
  • Multiple Intelligences

    The Barstow School of Ghana recognizes that children learn differently. We use multiple intelligence development, which acknowledges children’s individual strengths as visual, logical, inter- and intrapersonal, musical, kinesthetic, verbal or naturalistic learners.

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  • Innovation

    From Barstow’s founding in 1884 as a college preparatory school for girls to becoming an early adopter of new technologies in the 2000s, we’ve developed a forward-thinking mindset that keeps our schools at the leading edge of education.
  • Global Affiliation

    Students on Barstow campuses around the world develop the knowledge, compassion and leadership skills necessary to be responsible global citizens. As a cornerstone of our world-class education, Barstow is committed to preparing globally competent students who recognize the value of diverse cultures through international partnerships and multicultural curriculum.

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