Welcome To Ghana’s First Ever Acceleration School

The Barstow School of Ghana is backed by a thousands of hours of expert training, international education counseling and the educational consulting experience of International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF). Powered by its partnership with The Barstow School of Kansas City, Missouri, USA, our school offers a truly world-class education with state-of-the-art facilities, infrastructure, and teaching-learning resources on a friendly and inviting campus.
The Barstow School of Ghana develops multiple intelligences in students to bring them up to speed with the best in the world. Our curriculum gives students the skills they need for life — at school, university and work. 

Our philosophy, curriculum, methodologies and resources are aligned to meet the objective of accelerating learning and outcomes for students across age and capability spectrums. Students are exposed to higher-level content and more challenging assignments earlier in their education. 

Gifted students are challenged to advance in multiple content areas, work independently and gain the confidence they need to be self-directed in their studies.

Students who are struggling academically or faIling behind receive the support they need to catch up to the peers. We help students perform at an expected level for their age and grade, and meet required learning standards for gifted students.

The Barstow School of Ghana is benchmarked and aligned to the very best of international schools. Our facilities and resources, paired with energetic and innovative teachers, challenge and inspire our students to achieve excellence.  We accept students beginning at age two and  develop their love of learning while building their skills and competencies with each course and grade level. Our playgroup, primary, middle and high school programs are aligned among the best global offerings and students may choose between the American and local courses of education.