Exploring Barstow Kansas City: A Visit from Ghana

Anis Haffar, Chairman, The Barstow School of Ghana
My visit to The Barstow School in August was a rich and enlightening experience. The warm welcome, coupled with the dedication of the school's staff and the ceaseless enthusiasm of its students, emphasized the institution's firm commitment to nurturing a comprehensive and vibrant learning environment.
From Aug. 28 through Aug. 31, I had the opportunity to visit the Dan & Cassidy Towriss IDEA Space KC, for the second time and was pleased to be shown around the various facilities. A few years earlier, I had been introduced to and briefed during the concept stage by Shane Foster, President of The Bartow Schools. There, I joined some students from Barstow together with their teachers and enjoyed the engaging experience of observing a lesson on "Growth Mindset," and hands-on activities with Lego blocks by the enthusiastic students.

This visit was both enlightening and inspiring, offering invaluable lessons and inspiration that
will undoubtedly benefit The Ghana Campus of The Barstow School. It is my hope that this exchange of ideas and experiences will continue to strengthen the ties between our educational institutions and contribute to our collective pursuit of excellence.